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About the portal

With the spread of new coronavirus infection, it has become increasingly important to share research data. In countries where the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has been confirmed, it has become the norm to make not only the genomic and protein structural data of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) but also the obtained pathological and statistical data publicly available for free (i.e. the movement known as "open science"). In the situation like this where all humankind is at stake, it is important to work together, break down the boundaries between national and research institutions, and collaborate by sharing research data.

In Europe, a portal site for COVID-19 research data was created at a relatively early stage to promote international collaboration (refer to: COVID-19 Data Portal). In Sweden, their own portal site is published under this framework (refer to: COVID-19 Data Portal Sweden). In Japan, in support of this framework, the Research Center for Open Science and Data Platform (RCOS), the National Institute of Informatics, developed this website, COVID-19 Data Portal JAPAN, with the cooperation from various domestic institutions (refer to: Our Partners).

On this website, we publish data by selecting appropriate classifications and links and adding descriptions so that researchers can promptly access data related to COVID-19 research.